The Date / Opulence I has it

Chouette / Le stress? Dé-stressé
May 21, 2017

The Date / Opulence I has it

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The event I’m going to bring you up this time, maybe it’s seen as the most atypical in everybody’s eyes. It was held at the Primaverii Palace, the former residence of the Ceausescu’s family. The contradictory element is the antithesis between what it was once this place, inaccessible to ordinary people, and what it is today when such beautiful parties can take place, parties that brought with it both elegance and opulence. I had the pleasure of being in such a controversial place, now open not only for protocol actions, but to delight people and make them give the place another meaning, the place where they spent an unforgettable evening at one of the few events of this caliber with 100% Romanian line-up. The audience was really one with which I resonated very well, with whom I managed to build a memorable moment that I will always remember with emotion! I hope I will again take part of such events that creates special moments and having such a special audience!


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