Chouette / Le stress? Dé-stressé

Chouette / L’audace du futur
April 21, 2017
The Date / Opulence I has it
June 30, 2017

Chouette / Le stress? Dé-stressé

.. and plugins.

It seems like, as I was telling you in the article about my first visit toChouette, when everything went really well, the organizers, again made  mea surprise and invited me for the second time in Cluj, to once again delight the guests that suppose to attend this, as i said before, a novel party. As the Chouette used to, every time the location is a secret one, for guests and for myself, which makes me extremely impatient to find out where this atypically event shall take place. I could say that the idea of ​​a secret location is an interesting one and I think this is a unanimous feeling, because every surprise that surrounds the event and the nothingness in which you throw yourself away by not knowing what to expect, can be very exciting.The DJ work involves normally, among others, to run a playlist. But this becomes almost useless at Chouette parties due to its unpredictability. Everything happens right there,in front of the people, inspired by their emotions, desires, feelings! I can not wait for the third party by Chouette!



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